Summer Lips - Lipstick trends

While bold lipstick is nothing new, colour trends like bright red and orange, unapologetic fuchsia, and concentrated violet were all over the runways.  The first rule of bold lip colour is to be brave! Be outrageous! Be bold!  While I think that other lip colourslike blues, greens, and yellowsare fun, I find those to be a bit too “out there” for day-to-day wear.  If you don't think you can pull off the look, then think again.   Here's all the inspiration you'll need to get started.

Summer Lips

Fresh lip treatment
435 ZAR -

Lip treatment
290 ZAR -

Clinique lip treatment
285 ZAR -

Hawaiian Tropic beauty product
99 ZAR -

Bobbi brown cosmetic
395 ZAR -

Nars cosmetic
380 ZAR -

Bobbi brown cosmetic
385 ZAR -

Bobbi brown cosmetic
385 ZAR -

Nars cosmetic
375 ZAR -

Accessorize polishing kit
180 ZAR -

Stila lip makeup
240 ZAR -

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