It’s no secret, sooner or later all fashion trends experience a revival, such as the good old choker necklace from the 90s. I had so many when I was growing up; my collection included stretchy plastic ones in just about every colour. We’ve witnessed black chokers pop on red carpets, completing outfits and decorating long necks.
Surprisingly, they look good with pretty much everything – be it a masculine tuxedo jacket or a romantic Valentino gown. Remember that most types are chokers are a go (metal, jewelled, satin, velvet, the multi wrap, lace, dangling pendant, a wrapped scarf and etc).
If you don’t love your bare neck, try layering it. A few women are wearing them over their turtlenecks and it actually works.
In order to break it up, try adding another necklace to the look. It’s nearly just as common to layer them with other pieces as it is to wear them alone.
Wear them with something feminine. Because chokers tend to be edgy (especially in black) I think they are extra chic with a faux fur jacket or a flowy dress.
If you don’t like the edgy hard looking chokers, try going the softer victorian route by using lace, pearls or a subtle velvet.

Street style
Still not sure how to wear this style, see below for street style inspiration to get you feeling confident in wearing this trend.

What are your favourite ways to wear these new chokers? Are you obsessing over the choker trend, too? Let us know in the comments below! 
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