Metallic lips - copper

The Metallic trend is one that is still going strong and one i am totally obsessing over. Many beauty stores are stocking the metallic lipsticks, lipglosses and even liquid lipsticks and there are lots of ways to wear a metallic lip. You can use the colour all over, use it to highlight part of the lips, or use it over another colour to alter it. 

Always make sure your lips are exfoliated especially for liquid lipsticks.  Be on trend try shopping my picks below:

Metallic lips - copper

Surratt paraben free makeup
580 ZAR -

Nars cosmetic
410 ZAR -

W3LL People highlight makeup
235 ZAR -

TheBalm eyeshadow
220 ZAR -

Lip gloss makeup
130 ZAR -

Maybelline eye makeup remover
105 ZAR -

Uslu Airlines nail polish
470 ZAR -

Are you a fan of the copper metallic lip?  is it a colour you would try?
tell us by leaving a comment below.

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay awesome!

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