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This Ugly-Pretty Shoe Is Making Its Chicest Comeback Yet. Like many trends, what goes around, comes around, and now, clogs are back in fashion.  

The ongoing ’70s fashion revival has had surprising staying power over the past few seasons and if the Spring collections I’ve seen so far are any indication, then the feel-good mood of the era isn’t disappearing anytime soon, with Saint Laurent, Chanel and Isabel Marant all including them in their collections this year, and Prada having recently sent its models down the runway wearing clogs, their place as a key piece has been signalled as a marker for 70s-inspired looks.

The humble clog is having it's moment... The Clog is a fun, boho style shoe, with a beautiful, wooden platform heel. This shoe has evolved throughout the years and is now available in all sorts of styles. Some of the latest ones include straps on the back and the open-toe, strappy or slip-on, simple lines or stud adornments.  Many have beautiful wooden heels, available in a variety of shapes, colours, and heights, from a sky-high block heel to a mid-range platform to the seriously wearable flatform. Choose a classic solid shade or  pattern.  The Clog is a versatile shoe and can be styled with any outfit.  Expect to see these clunky heels everywhere this season.

Whether they're paired with the jeans and a top or a patterned sundress, the shoes will add a bohemian touch. Below are a few tips to get you started:  

  • Choose a heel. The main clog heel options are flat, chunky, or wedge-heeled.  Clog wedges provide a different, often more wearable look. They're also easier to walk in than traditional clogs!
  •  Versatile.  They are versatile, and work well with so many different styles and looks, virtually anyone can pull off clogs with just a little bit of inspiration
  • Keep it classic. Whenever you're sporting a trendy or over-the-top item, it's a good idea to keep the rest of your look classic and simple. This way, not only will your statement piece (in this case, the clogs) stand out, but you'll also avoid looking trend-obsessed and silly.
  • Try wooden-heeled shoes. This fall we're going to be seeing shoes featuring signature clog details: wooden platform heels and visible studs. So, if you're into that look but dislike the shape or feel of traditional clogs, you're in luck! Expect to see clog-inspired sandals, boots, and even shoes this season!


Check out my picks and start shopping if you can’t wait to try the trend.

1.  Topshop LAUREN Stitch Cross-Strap Clogs 995zar
3.  Topshop SMILE Two-part Clogs 615 ZAR
4.  Tillys BAMBOO Wilson Fringe Womens Clog 465 ZAR
5.  Michael Kors Beatrice Clogs 1 120 ZAR
6.  Swedish Hasbeens Women's Ornament Clog 905 ZAR
7.  MIA Elsa Black Leather 1,459.90 ZAR
8.  Nordstorm Charles David Tony Clog1 330 ZAR


To help inspire you, here’s a roundup of the trendiest clogs on the web to get you wearing them with confidence.

clogs by Free People
clogs by Jeffrey Campbell + Free People
clogs by Swedish Hasbeens

clogs by  Free People
clog Rachel Comey Carmelia Colorblock

clogs Giuseppe Zanotti

Do you own clogs?  do you have any tricks? tell us by leaving a comment below.
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Colour Crush - Cobalt

I love Cobalt and its versatility, you can wear as much or as little as you like.  Cobalt blue will take you from one season to another.  It looks great when teamed with blacks, whites, greys and metallic accents and detailing.


To help inspire you, here is a roundup of the trendiest cobalt shades on the web to get you wearing cobalt with confidence.

cobalt blue 2 Saloni Pre-Fall 2015

Do you like this colour? What is your favorite way to wear this trendy colour? tell us by leaving a comment below
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Spring Yellow 2015

I love the primary colour, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and suggests the joyful confidence that spring is all about. One of my favorite trends for Spring 2015 came in the form of a bright and happy hue of yellow.  Ranging in deep amber, the ever so popular canary to saffron and even in bright gold tones, there is no way that there isn't the perfect shade of yellow for you — yellow is back in a big way.  

Adding yellow to your summer wardrobe may be a bit daunting but you can pull it off by trying one of these tips.
  1. When wearing yellow, the number one rule is to find a shade that complements your complexion. 
  2. Wearing yellow away from your face is a great way to compromise if you are not comfortable having the colour right next to your complexion. 
  3. Once you figure the right shade, pair yellow with a colour that’s not so bold like white, navy or gray. Yellow tones also go perfectly with so many other spring colours such as pink, green, and purple. If you want to feel extra cheerful, and happy, mix up yellow with other fun colours.
  4. Instead of going head-to-toe yellow, choose one piece like a top or cardigan to add to your summer wardrobe.
  5. Use it in a pattern.
  6. Don’t forget about accessories. Yellow can add a nice pop of colour to an outfit in the form of earrings, a belt, scarf, bag or shoes. (And if you’re really digging yellow, try it on your toes!)
No matter which shade you go with, you’ll certainly get noticed in this colourful trend.


To help inspire you, here’s a roundup of the trendiest yellow shades on the web to get you wearing yellow with confidence.

Bottega Veneta Spring 2015

Burberry Spring 2015

Lanvin Spring 2015

Carolina Herrera Spring 2015

DVF Spring 2015

Missioni Spring 2015

Do you like this colour trend? What is your favorite way to wear this trendy colour? tell us by leaving a comment below
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