Get Ready Fast - Quick and Easy Hairstyles

During those occasional mornings when the snooze button gets the best of you, don’t worry about being a bed head the rest of the day. If you don’t have time to do our favourite  DIY hairstyles, try these hair tricks that all take a few minutes to do!
With these easy hair ideas, your hair will look hot, and no one will ever know you slept in!

Get Rid of Grease
Beat oily “second-day” hair with this easy trick: grab some baby powder if you’re light-haired or matte bronzer if you’re a brunette and apply it to your roots with a big fluffy makeup brush. (Or use dry shampoo.) This absorbs grease and makes your hair look fresh. Then just fix any stray strands with a flat iron, shake out your hair, and go.

Do a Messy Bun
This is the basic go-to staple for most girls because it takes two seconds. Gather your hair on top of your head and wrap an elastic band around 2-3 times. Next, shape the bun with a few bobby pins that match your hair colour, pull out a few ends to make it messier, and finish with a spray of hairspray.

Do a Front Hair Poof
This popular hairstyle is a great way to hide bangs you might be growing out and is also very simple to do. Just separate the section of hair from temple to temple, tease it with a fine-toothed comb and secure with two bobby pins in an X. If your hair won’t stay in the bobby pins, tease the section more or use four pins

French Braid Sideways
This style is best if you’re good at French braiding, but with practice, anyone can do it. Part your hair to the side then French braid across your hairline, securing with a clear elastic. This look is boho chic so leave the rest of your hair messy. If you have natural waves, even better. 

Slip on a Headband
For an elegant style, smooth out your hair with a brush, then pull on a wide headband to cover up messier strands and look instantly polished. Try a shiny patent leather headband in an outfit-coordinating shade for a super-trendy look that’s very right-now.

This hairstyle is simple and one can make it quickly at home. This style is perfect for young girls and you look beautiful in 5 minutes. The process to this hairstyle simply pull back your hair into a ponytail and set it lower high as you prefer.  One can also use the best quality of hairspray to set their hair in a good way.

Make waves overnight
For gorgeous, loose waves the good news is you don't have to invest much time. Braid damp hair before bed and you'll wake up with beach-worthy waves. Make sure your hair is braided tightly so your hair doesn't frizz.

Knot Your Average Pony
If you can tie a shoelace, you can perfect this gorgeous hairstyle. Just tie two strands of hair in a knot and secure with a clear tie. Tease the final style a bit to look right on point

I know there are millions that I missed.  Which of these easy hair ideas is your favourite? how to do you do your hair when you in a rush? Leave your answers in the comments.
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Candice Swanepoel is Sexy in Denim for Woolworths RE: Campaign

South African retailer Woolworths taps homegrown beauty Candice Swanepoel for its RE: line of denim looks.  Candice Swanepoel was recently selected to represent the RE brand, not only because of her status as a successful South African model, but also for her look, attitude, and achievements, which were well aligned with those of the brand.

In the TV ad Candice channels her inner rock ‘n roll chic as she shows off the RE: Festival Collection. The Limited Edition RE: Candice shorts are available at selected Woolworths stores from the end of November.  They are available in six colours and different finishes (from R250).

For those of you who do not know, RE is a well-known brand of South African authentic jeanswear, exclusive to Woolworths.

 To shop the RE Denim collection you can visit the Woolworths online store or visit a Woolworths store closest to you, to get your denim fashion-fix! 
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Would You Wear… Holographic Nail Polish?

From glitter and metallic to matte and foil finishes, nail polish trends seem to be getting more and more outrageous.

In case you’re a bit unsure on the difference between metallic and holographic, metallic is a colour that shimmers, while holographics take shine a step further by having other colours buried underneath, which you can see in 3D, reflected in various lighting.

Holographic nails use the sunlight to reflect and make swirls and shimmers of rainbow colours, playing with our eyes depending on how the light hits them.  Who doesn’t want to have ever-changing nail art? Whether going out to dinner, to a movie, or the beach, these colours work flawlessly.

Would you wear holographic nail polish?

Or is this look too dramatic for your taste? If you love this trend, how would you wear it? Have you tried any of the colours above? Leave a comment below and let us know!
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DIY: Broken Eyeshadow to New Nail Polish

I've seen this a lot! And of course, really wanted to try it out myself.  If you have any broken or loose pigment eye shadow that’s in a great colour, but such a hassle to put on? Guess what! Those once useless palettes can be put to good use: a new nail polish right from your eyeshadow!

It's an excellent way to get custom nail polish colours you couldn't get otherwise. And I love the way this nail polish goes on and the way it dries - it's much more matte and shimmery than regular nail polish.  You can mix colours to achieve the exact shade you want. If you decide to mix colours to create your own colour, you know no one else in the world will be wearing

Plus, making your own nail polish is very cheap and fast - so why not give it a try?

What You’ll Need:
  • A small container for mixing.  I used a small foil pie dish, of which you can pick a bundle up for a couple of buck. (a disposable paper cup works too)
  • A bottle of nail polish – used clear polish.
  • A stirrer – a manicure cuticle sticks really good, but anything will do

Close the bottle up and give it a good shake. If the shadow doesn't disperse well into the polish, add one drop of water and give it another shake.

Your nail polish you have created dries FAST! Make sure that you use it quickly or put it in a container to keep it from drying out. If it does start drying while you are painting your nails, add a little bit of clear polish to it, and it should be as good as new!

That’s it! Now all you have to do is test it out! Brush a little on a nail. If you’re not satisfied with the colour or the sparkle (see post for DIY Glitter nail polish here), add more! 
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7 Fashion Apps Every Girl Should Know About

Fashion technology is an innovation that is just beginning to take off, but it’s a booming business as new applications.  The phrase “there’s an app for that” could not be more perfect to explain the recent tech boom taking over the fashion world!

To stay fashionable all the time is now easy than ever before. Thanks to these brilliant fashion apps that do everything from organizing our outfits to choosing the right nail polish shade to match it. And these apps are truly brilliant. 

1) Chic feed

Side walk meets catwalk is the motto of this app. Turning catwalk styles into easy and wearable street fashion, this is a perfect go-to app for every Fashionista on the go. It compiles in one place the most popular street style pictures from the best fashion blogs.

2) Stylish Girl

Stylish Girl is an awesome way to organize and get the most out of your wardrobe. It works by letting you take pictures of your clothes and then use them to create beautiful outfits. You can then browse stores for other items and accessories and see how they would look with the outfit!
It means you can save time and money by buying pieces that you know will work well with the rest of your wardrobe, no more guess work!
The app also allows you to share the final outfit with your friends so you can get their feedback and ideas before you part with your money! It’s actually a really simple idea but it makes so much sense!
Cost: FREE!

3) Colour genius

Matching different coloured clothes is always a pain. Well, not any more. Loreal Paris Colour Genius App is your 1 minute fashion and beauty advisor. It tells you what to wear, what not to wear, which colour matches well with a particular skirt and saves you from making any fashion faux pas.
Cost: FREE!

Color Genius

4) Pose

Fashion is 10 per cent wearing clothes, 90 per cent lusting after other people's clothes – and Pose caters to that 90 per cent by letting you follow bloggers, celebs and other users to perv over what threads they're rocking.
You can share favourite outfits and even shop for must-have items through the app.
Cost: FREE!


5) OPI nail studio

I love nail art and this is just the app for me. Spending a solid five minutes to decide which nail colour shade you should wear is no longer a problem. This app is a real time saver. Choosing the right shade, getting the perfect manicure and trying out various nail arts is very easy, thanks to this great app.
Cost: FREE!
OPI Nail Studio

6) Go Try It On

A clean and easy to use app for those all-important times when you need some honest advice about an outfit. Go Try It On allows you to upload a picture of yourself wearing an outfit so that people can leave comments and feedback. So whether it’s a job interview or a first date, you never need leave the house without getting an honest opinion!
Cost: FREE!

7) Vogue Daily News

No “top fashion apps” blog post would be complete without Vogue Daily News.
Their writers keep you in the fashion loop and provide you with lots of insider interviews, updates and everything that you need to know. It’s super easy to use and syncs well with your social media, allowing you to share your favourite ideas and fashion items with your friends for further discussion.
Cost: FREE!

There goes my list of top 7 Fashion and beauty apps that every girl must-have. I’m sure I’ve missed out on the other great ones, do share your favorite apps with me by leaving a comment.
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The 5 Lip Colours Every Woman Needs

Your makeup regimen wouldn’t be complete without a swipe of lipstick.  Lipstick brings your whole look together.   A Fun lip colour is one of the best ways to add a pop of colour and highlight your gorgeous smile.
Have you Ever open up your makeup bag and feel immediately overwhelmed by lipstick possibilities? here are the five lipsticks I believe every woman needs in her makeup bag.

1. Neutral Nude

Nude lipstick is great to wear to work, on the weekends, or when you're in a hurry and need a staple product handy. The best thing about nude lipsticks is they come in several different colours and undertones so there is one for everyone. Every woman should have a go-to creamy nude lipstick that goes with nearly every kind of eye makeup imaginable. If you have a paler skin tone, pick a nude with hints of pink. For darker skin tones, you can get away with more beige-y colours.

2. Classic Red

The best thing to brighten your skin tone immediately is a fabulous red lipstick. Sometimes an outfit just begs for a classic red lip, whether it be an edgy or polished final touch you’re looking for. Reds can be tricky to match to your skin tone, so play around with whether or not you prefer more coral or more blue undertones.  From candy apple reds to crimson colour Bordeaux, a red lipstick is a must-have for every woman, especially in fall and winter seasons.

3. Pretty Pink

One of the most versatile shades, applying lipstick with subtle hints of pink can add colour but also blend with your natural lip colour. The best pink lipstick for you is one that looks like your own lips, but better. From babydoll pink to more barbie pink choices, add pink to your makeup bag for a season-less and natural look.

4. Eye catching Coral: 

Coral colours add a nice glow to your skin and for a maximum effect, make sure the application is ultraprecise. Fair skin tones should use rosy corals, medium complexions should try vibrant melon hues, and darker skin tones look best with a gold-flecked version. click here for tangerine lip trend.

5. Deep Berry: 

Dark lipstick makes a very strong statement but can also be very glamorous. Burgundy is best applied either straight from the tube or with a pencil, but do NOT use a matching lip liner with it. Purple-based ports look great on fair skin, berries with slight brown undertones will pop against medium complexions, and shimmery wines will stand out on darker tones. If you find the shade to be a bit dark for your liking, swipe on a clear lip balm first before applying the lipstick to cut the intensity of the colour.

When it comes to lipstick, experimentation is key. Heading to a makeup counter or store with knowledgeable staff and plenty of samples can make all the difference. Play around and see what you feel comfortable and confident with. Happy shopping!

What's one lip colour you couldn't live without? let us know in the comments!
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Little White Dresses. Is The LWD Replacing The LBD This Season?

A new classic in cocktail-wear is in town. The little white dress is sexy, classy, and versatile all in one small bright package. White dresses are definitely one of summer’s hottest fashion trends.

You're all familiar with the Little Black Dress, aren't you? But this summer, put aside the Little Black Dress and welcome the Little White Dress. Why? Because white is a shade of colour that looks good on everybody specially with that summer time sun-kissed skin. The Little White Dress isn't only for the summer days, it also works perfectly for summer nights, you just have to make it work for the occasion you're wearing it for. Treat your Little White Dress as a white canvas, you can style it with different shades of colours and each time you'll get yourself a fresh new look.

Wearing white is always a great way to instantly create a fresh, chic look. The beauty of wearing white is that you have free rein when it comes to teaming it with colour. Knowing how to wear an all white outfit will help you pull off one of the hottest trends right now.

White is sheer and transparent. So, beware of extremely thin white material as it can become see-through. Make sure you wear a white satin slip and either white or nude undergarments when wearing a white dress.

Make a fun statement by teaming up your little white dress with some pop of colours. Colourful, chunky necklaces and bright heels can make you standout. Carry a coloured blazer or handbag that will draw attention.

Bring an eclectic vibe to your white dress with a metallic belt or add some patterns with your little white dress. You can also pair up your LWD with a colourful patterned scarf, shawl or leggings. Make sure not to add more than one patterned accessory to your white dress, as it will look too overpowering.

Red Lipstick can also take you places when teamed up with a white dress.

So whether you decide to go for a white on white look, or you feel like adding a splash of colourful accessories, the Little White Dress will be your go-to look this summer.

Zando - G Couture Lace Dress White R 899

Zando - Revenge Sleeveless Mesh Stripe Dress White R 789


So tell me girls, what’s your favorite way to wear a LWD?
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