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Although bow ties were once associated with either men or geeks, today, the classic neck accessory has now made them street couture.  

Ladies can buy and wear bow ties too, with just as much style, charm, and grace as the next accessories. Instead of  choosing a scarf or necklace to pair with that button-up shirt you’re planning to wear, why not accessorize with a bow tie in complimentary colours instead?

There are bow ties in the form of feminine materials such as lace, eyelet and velvet. They could be used as hairpieces to complete a ballerina look or as a bowed headband for a wavy-haired look. And that’s not the only option. If you admire androgyny, then you can don bow ties with a short-sleeved fitted blouse.   feel free to pair up your new bow tie with a biker jacket, button down, collered dress, chain necklaces, suspenders, skirts and blazers.

The trend of bow ties is here to stay for a while.  As with all fashions that come and go, we are now in the bow tie cycle once again, only this time, the bow tie is actually cool.  Show who’s got style and attitude by tying one on today.

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Add neon to your winter wardrobe.

Think bright this season! Vibrant yellows, greens, blues, purples, pinks, and zesty oranges are the perfect shades if you really wanted to wear something that makes an impact...and what better way than wearing neon.  Even though fall/winter usually means grays, browns, or rusty shades, wearing neons during the winter is not as tricky as you might think. 

Neon colours is not for everyone it seems a little scary to wear. You have to choose the colour that looks good on you and style them properly.  You don't need to commit to wearing head-to-toe highlighter hues. 

When wearing bright colours during the winter months you might want to tone it down a notch...pair up your neons with nude and neutral.  Black and neon are total opposites so they contrast perfectly when paired together. Wearing bright neon with sleek black clothing is a daring and bold look.

A little neon goes a long way. You really only need a pop of neon, and it will stand out. You’ll see.  Let your neon do the talking. Let it be the statement of your outfit and avoid having it compete for attention.

Don’t be afraid to wear neon with other colours, but make sure they’re darker or more saturated than the neon you’re wearing.  If neon is intimidating you, then trying neon as a pattern can be far less intimidating.

Don’t forget neon accessories – they’re the quickest and easiest ways to experiment with this poppin’ trend.  Doing a belt over a sweater and skirt can also help show off your shape,  or try nail polish, scarf or ear rings in highlighter shade. Accessories are very important, one neon coloured piece in your outfit is enough to create the proper statement.  If you’re rather shy to wear neon colours, try it on a clutch or a purse small or medium-sized, it’s perfect for accessorizing a monochromatic outfit.

The great thing about neon colours is that they all go together. So don’t be afraid to be bold!  Go ahead, and mix the neon pink with neon yellow.

Place the neon piece of clothing on the favorite part of your body, because it will immediately attract other’s attention.

Eye-catching, hot and dangerous, fluorescent neon colours really look fantastic and bright. Neon is bold, bright, and beautiful so absolutely anything goes. So don’t be afraid to be your own trendsetter.  You’ll love the attention it will attract, and it will ultimately make you happy! Be fun, be bold, and be adventurous.

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Heels vs Flats!! the age old battle...

Women and their love affair with shoes can be dated back to the ancient times.  Women collect shoes, without even realizing they are collectables.  We organize them and show them off in our closets like they are pieces of fine art.

After years of trying every height of heel imaginable, I can now say I'm obsessed with flats!  Flats are, in a word, fabulous.  Who knew feet could feel so good, so happy -- even after walking for hours!
I'm not trying to knock high heels off their pedestal. . but ". . . your feet are not meant to be in high heels . . . . all the time." I do love high heels and wear them on occasions. I just don't love them for more than several hours at a stretch. 

Flat shoes are becoming increasingly popular and millions of women have incorporated them into their everyday wardrobe.  Fashion runways lately have been full of chic flat shoes for women.   Flats are suddenly being promoted for polished occasions.   A flat shoe offers speed, better balance and comfort.  Flats are sleek enough to be dress shoes were paired with tailored suits and even with eveningwear on the spring runways from Marc Jacobs to Giorgio Armani.  They are very comfortable, and easy to wear. You can run, dance and be more active. In addition, you can get less tired from walking. 

Flat shoes – ballet flats, tennis shoes, boots and brogues – are designed primarily for comfort. The wearer of ballet flats can run for the bus or train, has less chance of tripping or stumbling. They are made for ease and function and come in a wide variety of styles to fit even the smartest of occasions. However, whilst flat shoes are now fashionable and functional, they are not without their own set of disadvantages that can lead to health problems.  The main risk of wearing flat shoes is that because they do not provide arch support, the user is at risk of fallen arches, where the entire sole of the foot becomes almost flat. 

High Heels instantly make you feel leaner, meaner, and boost your confidence level more than the prettiest of pretty dresses.  High heels are smart, sexy and for some, utterly irresistible and thereby a fashion staple.  High heels, of course, have a mythology all their own and a sheer glamour that is hard to match. They add height, lengthen the calf and arch the foot flirtatiously. A true power heel has a narrow tapered heel and is cut low on the upper foot, intertwining sex and authority.  No one doubts that high heels make your legs look great,  But who wants to dance for hours in heels? Or stay out all night with a date that goes longer than anticipated? Or run to catch the bus, walk on uneven pavement, or stand on less than solid ground. 

That high heels can be hazardous to health is no longer merely a notion but a fact. One of the most common health complaints is back and leg pain. Over time this could lead to sciatica, a condition causing severe pain and numbness. Other conditions that could be caused by high heels are Achilles tendon, which can cause pain and discomfort in the heels and feet, as well as bunions,hammertoes, and pain in the knees. 
Perhaps the most documented health risk of prolonged high heel wear is osteoarthritis, the painful degenerative condition characterised by the breakdown of cartilage within the joints. As this cartilage acts as a shock absorber, when it is worn away, the bones grind together causing pain, swelling and decreased motion. Let us not forget the simpler risks such as the stumble factor and the inability to run. 

It is clear that not one form of footwear will provide everything the wearer requires. The answer seems to be staring you in the face, which is to wear both heels and flats. Sometimes flats can take away from the statement you are trying to make with the outfit, when you really just need a pair of skyscraper heels to finish it off.  In other circumstances, flats are more practical and a lot more comfortable!   

So the great debate begins, are you a heels kinda gal or are you more comfortable in flats? 

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